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Jacksonville Florida, located in Duval County, is a sprawling metropolis. Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population, and the largest city area-wise in the 48 contiguous United States. Divided by the Saint Johns River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean,

Jacksonville is an ideal military home, and houses two naval bases. Downtown Jackonville is a business mecca, and also home to the stadium and Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. Jacksonville offers a fast-paced way of life with the charm of southern living.

Starting in the 16th century, French, Spanish, and English explorers and colonists were attracted to the region by the St. Johns River. The site was settled by Lewis Hogans in 1816. Jacksonville was laid out in 1822 and was named after Gen. Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of Florida. It was incorporated as a city in 1832.

During the Civil War, much of the city was destroyed by Union forces, who occupied Jacksonville four times. The city was rebuilt and, following the development of its harbor and the railroads, quickly became the transportation hub and leading industrial city in Florida by the 1880s. In 1968, the city and county governments consolidated.

Jacksonville is the leading transportation and distribution hub in the state. However, the strength of the city's economy lies in its broad diversification. The area's economy is balanced among distribution, financial services, biomedical technology, consumer goods, information services, manufacturing, and other industries. Jacksonville has the largest deepwater port in the South Atlantic and is a leading port in the U.S. for automobile imports.

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